Guilty Pleasure #1 – Boy Bands


Hey guys,

Today’s topic is GUILTY PLEASURES.

Yes, I love learning about other people’s guilty pleasures and forcing them to admit to something that obviously doesn’t go with their personality. Announcing your or hearing other people’s  guilty pleasures can go in two ways..

  1. Laugh and make fun of the person continuously because the guilty pleasure is straight up embarrassing and you feel bad for that person OR
  2. Laugh and make fun of the person continuously but cry inside a little because you have the same pleasure and want to stand up for what you like

I say fuck it, do you and be happy. Don’t feel guilty about things that may be a little out there whether it’s innocent or something a little kinky.  This post is about expressing your individuality!

I’m usually the one out of my friends who gets made fun of the most because I have tons of weird fascinations… So today I’m going to list my One of my top 5 guilty pleasures and I know that, even though, my friends may make fun of me about it secretly they want to admit they like it too. This also goes out to everyone else in the world.

You’re Welcome.

 ** guilty pleasure are in no order of how much amusement that it personally give me**


Boy Bands 

I’m not talking about boy bands like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones but bands like Nsync, BSB, One Direction and apparently from teen boppers out there, up and rising boy band, 5 Seconds of Summer. Listen, if I were to tell people my age (which is 20) that I absolutely love 5 Seconds of Summer, I would be spat on and stomped on…Okay maybe not spat on but I’m sure someone would want to stomp on my 98 degrees shaped heart.

I don’t care how old you are, if you love boy bands then you should just let it be because boy bands are powerful people. I am a little tipsy from drinking beer, I’m just going to say it… I fucking love One Direction and you cannot take the love I have for Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis away from me.

Boys bands are amazing. Why?… here we go

1. They have swag dance moves — I could really care less on what y’all think but I believe if everyone danced like this it would be beneficial for the world.

Look at those sex-y moves.


2. They understand your heart break, unrequited love & loneliness. — You know their relate-able. Everyone’s been through unrequited love. What helps? the voice of Nick Carter or Nick Lachey speaking  the undeniable truth.

backstreet boys animated GIF


3. Nonetheless, they also understand the upside of love, crushes & excitement of life. — Whenever you had a crush on someone, you know you played boy band songs to get you in the mood. They built you confidence. You know their music videos inspired you to actually step up and tell the person you were in love with that you are the only one that can take care of their needs and wants.

90s animated GIF


4. They help still in the closet teens, sexually deprived married women and awkward, braces wearing teens to a world where they can escape by just one look. — One look can change your world. It helped me during my bullied elementary and junior high days. I swear they put subliminal messages in their pupils… you can never look away.

Hypnotized by their serious stares. Can I have them all?


5. They don’t give a fuck about looking silly — Just like in the song “Dirty Pop (pop)” By Nsync…

All that matters
Is that you recognize
That it’s just about respect

” It’s just about respect “


I hope this post will make people come out of theur boy band obsession closet. Don’t fight the itch, feel it out. Rock it out. Every guy wants to be the Justin Timberlake or the Jordan Knight of the group and every girl wants to be with them. It’s a win-win situation people!

‘Till next pleasure..

xoxo coco


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